Thursday, November 24, 2011

Roses: Red & Yellow ( How To Grow )

                   Hello!  Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all and welcome back with us today with Ken and Marilou on Garden The Easy Way.

                   Today we would like to talk about Roses.  Some people say they just can not grow roses, roses are easy to grow as long as you plant them in the right kind of soil and care for them in the right way.  We will share with you how we raise our roses.  Just over 2- years ago I bought my wife Marilou 2-Rose Bushes, 1-red and 1-yellow.  I decided to put them in pots.  If you too wish to plant in pots, or in the ground it does not  matter you will plant them the same way.

                   Here are somethings you will need to get to plant and take care of your roses.

                   1.  Roses like sandy dark rich soil, dig your hole down in the soil, pick out all the rocks,you can buy rose potting soil mix by the bag, or you can make your own by adding 1/2 shovel of sand 2 shovels of aged compost, 2 shovels of dark rich soil, mix it all up well before adding to the hole for the rose bush.

                   2.  Rose Pride Fertilizer the brand we use is ( Ortho )

                   3.  Rose and Flower Insect Killer the brand we use is ( Bayer Advanced )    

                   How to plant your Roses and take care of your Roses.

                   1.  The most important thing is never plant your roses too deep, just up from the roots on your rose bush.  There will be round like a little ball that is called the "crown", never plant the crown under the soil, just your rose bush roots only.

                   2.  Always plant your roses in full sun.

                   3.  You will need to fertilize your roses every 6-weeks to have strong beautiful roses.

                   4.  Water often but not too much, never let your roses go completely dry.  When roses are in full bloom they need a lot of water.

                   5. Only use your insect killer when you see any kind of insect.  Spray all over your plant even under the leaves.  Do not spray everyday, only spray 1-time and check your rose bush again the next day, you should be insect free.  The one we use is listed above will kill on contact and most of the time will last up to 30 days.

                   6.  In cold climate, after your first frost, cut your roses back 4-6 inches from the soil, if left outside cover well with lots of mulch 3 to 4 inches. You will need to uncover them in the spring, after all cold weather has passed. If you are planting roses in pots, you will need to cut them back the same way 4-6 inches . (All potted roses should be brought in the house until spring).  Your potted plant in your house just give them a little water about every 21/2 to 3 weeks. Important keep your roses out of the sun, and keep them in a cool dry room, You do not want your roses grow or blooming in the winter, your roses need a brake, just like us they need their sleep, the rose growing professionals call it going dormant.

                   That's it for today, we hope that we have been some help. You can have Strong Beautiful Roses.
Hope to talk to you all tomorrow, here on Garden The Easy Way until then this is Ken & Marilou wishing you all happy gardening always.