Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pepper Bell Big Bertha ( How To Grow )

                 Welcome back and thank you all for being here on Garden The Easy Way, this is Ken and Marilou.

                  Today we would like to talk about Big Bertha Bell Pepper, it is a super big pepper and it is a beautiful pepper, very tender and juicy and has a great taste.  I don't think I am alone when I say the Big Bertha Bell Pepper is so delicious it is not a hot pepper, it has a mild sweet taste and we think if you ever plant Bonnie Big Bertha Bell Pepper you will be planting it every year.  They can be used in many different ways, Giant Stuffed Peppers, Slice up for salad, in Vegetable Soup, Stir Fry, great in Pot Roast, just to name a few ways you can serve them.  They are easy to raise, but there is a few thing we would like to add, that will help you raise the best Bonnie Big Bertha Bell Pepper.

                  1.  We plant (Bonnie) Bonnie Seed and Plant Company has been here since 1918, they have a good name. But there is a lot of other seed companies out there that are just as good.

                  2.  Good soil is very important if your soil does not look dark and rich, we recommend to add some compost and some aged manure, add 3 inches of compost and 3 inches of aged manure mix well, down in to the soil about 8 to 9 inches is best. Tip to save you a lot of money, go see your local farmer and he will probably give you all the aged manure you want, most all farmer are so kind and willing to help you, and they are happy to get rid of the manure. Just don't forget to ask for the aged manure, and you will have the best natural organic fertilizer that money can buy for ( Free ).

                  3.  Full sun 6 to 8 hours.

                  4.  Plant deep 1/2 of the plant under the soil.

                  5.  Spacing 18" inches apart.

                  6.  Water well, never let soil dry out, extra water when peppers are on plant.

                  7.  Fruit size: 7"inches x4" inches.

                  8.  Maturity: 72 days after planting.

                  Well that is it for today, we hope that we have been some help here today on Garden The Easy Way.  We hope to talk again here tomorrow, until then Good Gardening Always Ken & Marilou.