Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gardening Tips

Good Saturday to you all, this is Ken and Marilou back with you on how to garden the easy way.  On our blog yesterday was a little long, but it was important and it may sound like a lot of work for some of you but it is not, you will feel so good when you have your own garden.

You don't go out and try to plant a garden all in one day, you may only plant 4-tomato plants today and maybe 1 or 2 rows of green beans, at most time you would spend on each day would only be about 30-min. After you get your garden all set up it is so quick and easy.

You and your family will be so happy to have fresh garden vegetables out of your very own garden. Also what my wife Marilou and I do is plant tomato early in the year and also late in the year, some people call it a ( Fall Garden )  this so important that you do this and then you will not run out of  fresh vegetables, when you have your own garden it is like getting your vegetables free and like I said in one of my earlier blogs we need to be like the squirrels that live in the woods they will pick up nuts and store them in a hollow tree for the cold winter, we can do the same thing just pick your vegetables and wash them and let them dry and then put them in a freezer bag and save them for the cold winter.

 Here in central Missouri where Marilou and I live it gets so cold in the winter, in November the gardens start dieing, and by December most of the time we have snow on the ground and it gets so-cold all your plants will die

. That is the time you will be going to your freezer. Ok, I guess we will get off  here  for today hope to talk to you all tomorrow. Wishing You Good Gardening  Always   Ken & Marilou