Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Green Beans Part 2. ( How To Grow )

          Good Tuesday to you all, Marilou and I welcome you all back here on Garden The Easy Way.

 Today we would like to pick up where we left off yesterday on planting fresh garden green beans, you know from yesterday blog what seed company we like to use , but for those that don't know the name is FERRY-MORSE Seed Co. And they are like a lot of other seed company's, they have a lot of different kinds of green beans to choose from to plant. And they are all good eating, but Marilou and I do have a favorite one and we both think it is a lot better,the name of it  is: TENDERGREEN IMPROVED ( BUSH ). Unlike a lot of green beans this brand does not have a lot of strings and does not have big tough stem.
           As you all know Marilou and I love planting in our raise garden it is so much easier to work with and you never have any rocks. But you can plant green beans just about any where, rocky soil, sandy soil, green beans are so easy to grow they are not picky, they are very hardy and willing to grow in about any kind of soil, as long as they get plenty of water and lots of sun they will produce green beans.
            If you want beautiful green beans and a lot more per-plant, there are some important things you can do to help them on the way.
            1. Never plant until the soil is warm from the sun, always plant after all danger of  frost, and all cold weather has past, cold weather and frost will kill your green beans.
            2. Work up your soil well, some people use a garden tiller, and some use a big tractor, what ever you use will work, Marilou and I plant in our raised garden so we don't have to use nothing but our potato fork and shovel and our garden rake. After all of your garden has been worked up well, take your garden rake and brake up all of the remaining soil that has clodded up using nothing but your garden rake,  level all of your garden.

            3. After your garden has been raked and leveled, now you are ready to plant. If you wish you can soak your green beans overnight before you plant them by soaking your green beans overnight, your green bean will come up 1-2 days sooner. But you do not have to soak them, they will do fine straight out of the pack. Take your garden hole and make a row across your garden, spacing rows about 20 in. apart. Plant your green beans about 1-1 1/2 deep in the soil, never plant deeper if you plant too deep your green beans will not come up.            
            4. The green beans should come up after 6-8 days and after they have grown about 2 inches, get your garden hole and carefully work up the soil all around your green beans plants, by doing that you have opened up the soil, so more oxygen can get down to the roots of the plant. All living things must have oxygen and water. After 3 weeks your green beans should be about 8-10 in. hole all of your green beans, again make sure the soil has been work up all around your green beans.
            5. Never let your green beans go completely dry, to test the soil for moisture is easy if the soil does not look wet, just put your finger down under the soil about 2 inches and you can tell by the feel if you have dry soil or wet soil. If the soil  feels dry and looks dry, water it well. Green beans like a lot of water and  full sun. You should be harvesting your fresh garden green beans in about 50-54 days. You can preserve by freezing or canning.
             Well we hope to talk to you all tomorrow, until then Good Gardening.  Ken & Marilou