Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cucumbers, ( How To Grow Cucumbers ) Part 2.

               Hello, from Ken and Marilou and welcome back with us on Garden The Easy Way. We hope you all are having a good day.

Yesterday we talked about cucumbers and how delicious they are and so many ways to prepare them for the dinner table.
               Today we would like to share with you all how we plant our cucumbers. As you all know if you have been reading our blog, we plant all of our garden vegetables in a raised garden, and we also told you how to make a raised garden.
                So now what, I do is I work up the soil with my potato fork, if you don't have one you can use a shovel, I never use a garden tiller in our garden you can if you wish. After you have worked up the soil well, just take a garden rake and level the soil, now you are ready to plant.
                 We make 2-rows about 12 in. apart, we just use our finger to make the rows. They are some very important things about cucumbers you should never forget.
                   1. Do not plant to deep in the soil, by using hands to plant it is easier. ( Planting Depth 1/2 in. )
                   2. Never Plant in Shaded Area. ( Full Sun Only ) 
                   3. Cucumbers love lots of water. Never let the dry out.
                   4. Never water in the middle of the day the hot sun will cook your plants. Water in early morning or late evening.

  Well that is it for the day, hope to talk to you all tomorrow, Good gardening always  Ken & Marilou