Saturday, November 19, 2011

Flower Garden ( How To Grow )

           Hello and good Saturday to you all from Garden the Easy Way with Ken and Marilou.

 Today we would like to talk  about flower gardens. We are all so blessed to have so many beautiful flowers and so many different kinds of  flowers. My wife Marilou and I  sometimes will just get in the car and take a drive and go look at the different  ideals of different  peoples landscaping  and we will see so many beautiful  flowers, and get so many different  ideal on what we want and what we think would  looks the best and you all can do the same as we do and I promise you both  will enjoy your ride too.   

 I will share this funny little thought with you that I sometimes get when I think about it, and sometimes it makes me  laugh about it. You know how some of us guys say we do not  like Flowers or do not want to admit that we do like  flowers, well as you know it is probably just a macho thing, some men just will not admit they do like flowers, but they know all the ladies love them. But just like I said we are so very blessed with so many beautiful colors of  flowers how could any man say he does not like flowers and be telling the truth, I guess when I was a younger man I too probably said the same thing. OK, back to gardening I just had to share that little thought with you. 
           Marilou and I just love to plant a flower garden it is so quick and so easy, when you Garden The Easy Way, and when the flowers all come up it is so beautiful. As you all know if you have been following our blog, Marilou and I are completely sold on a raised garden, not only all of our vegetables, but all of our flowers that are on the ground. Poted plants are very nice to have too, but if you like to have lots and lots and lots more flowers you need a flower garden. Here are some of the reasons why we like the raised garden over the ground garden.
            1.You add your own soil in you garden frame you made, and unlike the ground with a lot of rocks ( you will not have any rocks ) Making it so very easy to work with and plant.
            2. If or when you get too much rain you will not have to replant, the rain will flow out of the bottom of your raised garden on ground.
            3.The next year, you are already set up no frame to build, no soil to add. no rocks to pick-up all you have to do is work up the soil and plant.
             4. When you plant your flowers in a raised garden your flowers just stand out better and they do look so beautiful. Like having a picture in a frame.  
             There is a old saying, (  Its what's on the inside that counts. ) And that is especially true when it comes to gardening weather you are planting vegetables or  flowers your soil means everything, don't ever forget that,  it is just like putting water in your gas tank, your car will not run on water, the same thing applies to your soil, you must have good soil or your garden will fail. The very best top soil is very black looking and you can buy it by the truck load if you want or buy the bag.  
             If you are just planting a small garden we highly recommend Miracle-Gro garden soil Mix. We have tried just about everything out there and trust me, we could not find any kind of garden soil that would even come close to Miracle-Gro garden soil mix.


             Well I guess we will sign off here for today we hope that we have been some help with your gardening. Until tomorrow Good Gardening Always  from,  Ken & Marilou