Saturday, May 21, 2016

Our Garden May 2016

Hello everyone, we're back once again here on Garden The Easy Way, it's been a while since  our last post about gardening.

It's time again to start to prepare and work in our garden, we know that a lot of us have our own vegetable garden, me and wife love vegetables that's why we have a vegetable garden every year, it's like getting free food, and we know it is fresh and it is so much better than store bought.

We started planting just 3 weeks ago. We put cucumbers, green beans, asian beans, radishes, tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, zuchini, yellow squash. We also have strawberry plants, we took some pictures today May-23-16, they come up every year, and now they have lots of ripe berries and lots of blooms.

Below are some pictures of our vegetable garden.

Until next time, will post some more pictures, thank you for taking time to check our blog. "Happy Gardening".