Friday, July 8, 2016

Our Garden July 2016

Hello Everyone! welcome to our " Our Garden The Easy Way " blog, we hope you enjoy our garden pictures and garden information, we do love our gardening, gardening gives you lot's of good feelings and I think it truly is the best therapy a person can get, you will really enjoy watching your garden grow from a seed or a plant, watching the blooms from the plant turning to a vegetable.

With gardening it is just like getting free vegetables, we raise a good size of garden every year so we can caned some vegetables and plenty to freeze, so in the winter time we can enjoy our delicious garden vegetables.

Marilou and I always plant extra tomato plants, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, bell peppers, different kinds of peppers sweet and hot, so that we will have plenty to give away to our friends, it is a true blessings to be able to give someone you care about fresh garden vegetables.

Well I guess that's it for today here on " Garden The Easy Way " until next time Happy Gardening Always !

Ken & Marilou