Monday, July 22, 2013

Elliott's Summer Garden July 22 2013

               Hello everyone this is Ken & Marilou with you here today on our garden blog, Garden The Easy Way, we have a new update to share with you today, some pictures and information about growing your garden in hot summer weather.

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               Nothing taste as good fresh garden vegetables, yesterday my wife Marilou picked some green beans out of our garden and she cooked them for suffer, and they were so delicious, we also had some fresh garden cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. I told my wife Marilou we couldn't had a better supper  if we would of went to a big city restaurant, Marilou put  ground pork meat in a green beans stir fry.

              Also I would like to add one other thing about garden vegetables, not only are they so delicious but they are very healthy for you, we all should be eating our vegetables for our health, fresher vegetables are better vegetables, another good reason to raise your own garden, let us help you make and plant and grow your vegetables here on Garden The Easy Way, all the information you will need is right here on Garden The Easy Way, and also we have lots of pictures from start to harvest.

              OK now for your tip in how to grow your garden in hot summer heat, first of all I would like to say, I've been gardening for over 45 years, and don't do like a lot of gardening books tell you to do, Do Not water your garden in the morning on a hot ,the hot summer sun can burn your leaves on your plants and in time it will kill your plants, it is always better to water all your garden 1 hour after sun down to be safe. Also when it's really hot 95 to 100 plus it is always good ideal to make a afternoon shade for your garden, don't worry it sound like a lot of work but it is quick and easy to do, we will show you how in our garden blog.

               Morning sunshine is so important to any garden, but after 2 o clock your garden has had enough sun, and your garden starts to stress out, the leaves on the plants will start wilting and lay down, specially when it gets really hot like I said 95 to 100 plus is a garden killer, we build a frame out of light wood, and plastic tarps to block the sun, only when it gets extremely hot.

               Well this is Ken & Marilou signing off here for today on Garden The Easy Way, hope to see you all on facebook, and we hope you will join our garden blog too. Until next time happy gardening always !