Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting The Garden Ready For Spring Planting

                  Welcome back here today on Garden The Easy Way, this is Ken and Marilou.        

                   First thing today we would like to say it is Memorial Day, and we want to say "Thank you for All those that has paid a Big Price so that we all could live in Peace, and be a FREE Country ". Thank You All and God Bless You All, and the whole world we all live in.      

                   Getting the garden ready for spring planting is a little work but it is sure worth it 100 times over, with the high cost of garden vegetables, and taste is also 100 times better than store bought vegetables. My wife and I even freeze vegetables so we can have them in the winter.     

                    The first thing you need to do in getting your garden ready is pick-up all the rocks and sticks and grass, work-up your soil well with a garden tiller or shovel, dig down 10-12 inches is best.   

                    You should put back in the soil what you took out the year before by adding compost and cow or horse manure, mix up well after adding. Do not over feed your garden with manure, it is hot and will dry out a garden quick, but manure is very good for your garden so make sure to use it.     

                    What I like to do is mix 1- shovel of cow or horse manure to 4-shovel of compost, mix it up well in a wheelbarrow and then I will spread it with my shovel all over my garden about 3-4 inches deep and then till the garden well or you can use a shovel, just make sure to mix well down to 10-12 inches.   

                    After mixing well get your garden rake and level your garden, make your rows in the garden with your garden hoe, or you can use your fingers after planting any vegetable. It is always best to water well after planting.   

                    When planting tomato plants, make your hole extra bigger than the plant roots, it will help them to grow bigger quicker. Before you put your tomato plant in the hole, fill the hole up with water and set your tomato plant down in the water, let it set for a 1-2 minutes before planting, this will keep your tomato plant from going in shock and stress.     

                    Never let your vegetable plants or your tomato plants go completely dry, they will die.  

                    We are adding some garden pictures of last year garden and some early spring garden pictures this year 2012.                    8-Tomato Plants Over 8-1/2 Ft. August 2011
                  Spring May-2012
                     Well that's it for today here on Garden The Easy Way, until next time this is Ken and Marilou wishing you all Happy Gardening Always.