Monday, November 14, 2011

Cucumbers ( How To Grow Cucumbers ) Part 1.

Hello and good Monday to you all, we hope you all had a good weekend. Welcome back with us Ken and Marilou on Garden The Easy Way.

I would  like to tell you all how we grow our cucumbers, I discovered this several years ago. Cucumbers love to climb, so what we do is after we plant our cucumbers we put up a fence about head high. Cucumber vines will climb all the way to the top and and across the top of the fence. And all you have to do is walk up and pick them off of the fence, now that is what you call Garden The Easy Way.

 All you do is watch them as they grow and when they get big enough pick them. We just love cucumbers, they are so delicious and you can fix them so many ways. And great in salad, stir-fry, or just peel and wash them and slice and put them of the dinner table, they are so good with your meal.

Cucumbers not only taste good but they are very healthy for you. Some people will even can them this is called pickling cucumbers, that is where sweet and sour pickles come from for those people that don't know.

There are so many different kinds of cucumbers, some cucumbers have a lot of seeds inside, and then there are some that don't have a lot of seeds, but there seeds are a lot bigger.They all taste good but our favorite cucumber is Ferry-Morse ( Marketmore 76 ). They are dark green and have little seeds inside and not as many seed as a lot of cucumbers do. They are a very good looking cucumber. Ideal for slicing, so-delicious.

We will post a picture so you all can see, cucumbers love to climb but most of people just plant them in the soil and let them grow across the ground, this takes up so much of your garden. We will share with you all tomorrow how we plant our cucumbers.

 You all take care, and Marilou and I hope to talk to you all tomorrow, until then Good Gardening Always, Ken & Marilou