Monday, November 21, 2011

Green Beans Part 1. ( How To Grow )

               Good Monday to you all, we hope you all had a good weekend. This is Ken and Marilou with you today on Garden The Easy Way.

 Today we would like to talk to you all about fresh garden green beans, they are so delicious and I don't think I know anyone who does not love eating them.
                We sure have some good news here today that we would like to share with you all about green beans, they are so many different companies out there selling garden seeds, and we have tried a lot of them but the one company we like the most is FERRY-MORSE they have been in the seed business since 1856 so very long. And they too have many different kinds of green beans, the one Marilou and I like most of all is called TENDERGREEN IMPROVED ( BUSH ) they are so tender and delicious, and unlike a lot of green beans they do not have a lot of strings or big stems on the bean.                                             

                  For those out there that never planted green beans, you will be happy to hear this anyone can raise lots of green beans, when I think of planting green beans I sometimes think of the children's story book of ( Jack in the beanstalk ) were the little boy throw the beans out of the window, well it is just about that easy.  Green beans will also bloom up to 3-times giving you and your family 3-picking, as long as you do not let your green beans plants go dry, you must give them plenty of water.

Well I guess that is it for today until tomorrow we hope that you all are right here with us on  Garden The Easy Way.  Ken & Marilou