Friday, November 11, 2011

Fertilizer: Organic All Natural Compost, and Cow or horse manure.( Fertilizer )

Hello hope you all are doing well we are back, this is Ken and Marilou on how to garden the easy way. First and most important of all today is Friday 11-11-11 and it is Veterans Day and we would like to say Thank You to all of the Veterans out there, we all owe You All so-much, Thank You All.  On our blog yesterday we told you that we used aged cow manure it is the best that we have ever used.  And we are sold on it for sure. Now we will tell you why, before we did not use any fertilizer and about 1-out of 4 plants would die after replanting, you see anytime you take a plant out of it's container, you are disturbing the roots, that is why it is so important to always water well after planting. If you do not water after planting , your plant will have a lot of air pockets around the roots when you water well, the soil will collapse all around the roots.  We never lose a plant anymore, and our plants are dark green and very healthy plants. This is the way we plant our tomato plants:
  1. We dig a hole were we want to plant, bigger the plant bigger the hole. Tomato plants, plant half of your tomato plant under the soil, even if you have to cut off some of the limbs, that will make your plant a lot stronger because half your plant will be under soil and it will grow a lot more roots, your roots feed your hole entire plant, also lots of roots will help hold up your tomato plant up off ground. 
  2. Fill up the hole with water. 
  3. Set your tomato plant down in the hole, and let the roots soak-up the water, after about 3-to 4 min.Pull the soil all around your tomato plant, gently push the soil down around your tomato plant, never use nothing but your hands when covering your plants.  
  4. After you have planted all of your tomato plants for the day, very important go back and water all of your tomato plants, this will close all the air pockets around your plant when you pulled the soil around the plant.
 That is it for today, we hope to talk here again tomorrow on Garden The Easy Way until then this is Ken & Marilou wishing you all Happy Gardening Always.