Friday, November 25, 2011

Garden Planning

                     Hello!  Welcome back here today with Ken and Marilou on Garden The Easy Way.

                     Today we would like to share with you all about  "Garden Planning".  Before you ever start to make a garden, give it some long thought.

                     Here are some important things to keep in mind.      

                     1.  Never put a garden in a low spot.  If you do, every time it rains your garden maybe under water, and that could kill most of your garden, or it cause you to do a lot of replanting. Also keep in mind in the summer it gets hot and dry so you will need to water a lot if you don't get any rain, so you must have easy access to water, you may have to put several garden hoses together, your garden must have a lot of water to produce fruit and vegetables.

                     2.  Always plant your garden in full sun.

                     3.  Take your time, and make sure on the right spot for your garden.  The garden spot you choose needs to be out of your everyday living, if not you could feel all boxed in.

                     4.  Always dig up some soil, where you would like to plant your garden, if there is a lot of red clay do not plant there, your garden will not do good and it will probably die in the hot summer.  However if you make a raised garden it will be OK, because you will be bringing your own soil into the garden spot.  And if you get too much rain it will be OK, the rain will run out the bottom of your garden on top of the ground.

                     5.  You must have a good soil, in order to have a good garden if your soil does not look dark and rich we recommend, to add  some compost and some aged manure, add 3 inches of compost and add 3 inches of aged manure, always mix it well. It is best to mix 8 to 9 inches deep in the soil. Here is a money saving tip, if you go to your local farmer he will probably give you all the aged manure you will need, most of the farmers will be happy to get rid of it, and they may do for you what the farmer close to us does for us, he will go and get his tractor and put 3 scoops of aged manure in our pick-up, so we leave the farm with a full pick-up of the best all natural organic fertilizer that money can buy all ( Free ).  Go see your local farmer he will help you out too. Make sure to ask for aged manure.

                     Well that's it for today, hope that we have been some help here today. We hope to talk to all of you again tomorrow.  Until then from Garden The Easy Way.  This is Ken and Marilou wishing you all a Happy Gardening Always