Thursday, November 10, 2011

Plant Food

Hello good day to you all. This is Ken and Marilou back with you today. Yesterday we talked about planting tomato plants and other vegetables in flower pots, well today I would like to follow up with that a little more, like I said before I have been gardening for a very long time and I have tried a lot of different ways of gardening, so my goal is to help you all to raise a garden the easy way, now back to the follow up on yesterday blog, Yesterday I said make sure that when you plant, any plant make sure you water it well, but we like to use all natural fertilizer such as compost, aged cow or horse manure, it is great on all of your vegetables and all of your flowers, it is the best all natural fertilizer money can buy, and if you go to your local farmer he will probably give you all you will need for ( Free ), most farmers are so kind and they are willing to help you out any way they can, and they are happy to get rid of the manure. If you go see your local farmer you need to ask for ( aged manure ).

              Ok that is it for today, we hope that we have been some help here today on Garden The Easy Way, Until tomorrow this is Ken & Marilou wishing you all Happy Gardening Always.