Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Planting in Flower Pots.

                                    Hello we are back, yes this is Ken Elliott and my wife Marilou, yesterday we talked about how to make a garden the easy way, well today I would like to talk about people that live in small apartment or maybe some people that just don't have hardly any spare time to spend on gardening, for those people I recommend flower pots, flower pots come in many shapes and many sizes, flower pots will work good for you.

  All you really need to know about planting in flower pots is:
  1. Bigger the plant, you have the bigger pot you need.      
  2. Make sure for roses your soil is nothing but the best you can get, we suggest using a good potting soil mix, made for roses or flowers. That is the safe and easy way, if you try mixing your own soil and you mix it wrong your plant could die.
  3. Always plant in the center of the pot. 
  4. If you are planting tomato plant make sure you plant them deep in the soil. For example if your tomato plant is 6-inches tall, plant your tomato plant 3-inches deep, even if you have to cut off some limbs the plant will be ok just as long as your tomato plant has 3-or more limbs above the soil. By planting your tomato plant deep your plant will be a lot stronger because it will have a lot more roots.  
  5. Very important every time you plant any kind of plant make sure you water it very well, buy giving your plant a lot of water it will close-up a lot of the air pockets in the soil.
Well this is it for today. We sure hope we have been some help here today. And we hope to talk here tomorrow, with some more tips on Gardening The Easy Way, until  then  Good Gardening  Always Ken & Marilou.