Sunday, January 15, 2012

Strawberry Jelly ( How To Make )

              Good day to you all this is Ken and Marilou, with you all today on Garden The Easy Way. Today we have a real sweet surprise recipe, we would like to share with you all. Today Marilou and I found it on the internet, and it goes with what we were blogging about on our Garden The Easy Way blog, on how to make and grow your very own strawberry garden. And it is so quick and easy to make.  

                                                         ( Enjoy Your Sweet Surprise! )      

               Strawberry Jelly  ( How To Make )      

*What I really like about this recipe, you have control if you don't like your jelly real sweet like Marilou and I, just don't add as much sugar, try using just half sugar and it will be healthier for you.    


Things You'll Need    

* jelly jars & lids    
* strawberries two pints or more    
* sugar, depending on how sweet you like it. Start by adding 2 cups or reduce sugar by 1 cup.    
* Sterilized jars and lids      

1. Wash and cut tops of Strawberries, then in half again.  

2. Place in large sauce pan, heat on high until the start to boil. Stirring the berries is important.  

3. Reduce heat but continue boiling until they are soft and can be mashed with a potato masher. Doing this way will keep some of the pulp. Continue to stir.

4. Add sugar and continue stirring until sugar dissolves. The sugar acts as a thickening agent.  

5. Stir and continue to boil until mixture thickens. Test by running the back of a spoon through the jelly and notice if it sticks to the spoon.  

6. When done, let cool and transfer to jelly jars. Jelly can be served with everything from biscuits to ice cream.  Enjoy and good luck.      

Tips & Warnings:  

* Make enough to give away.    

* All utensils must be free of any water.      

               Well that's it for today, we hope to talk here again tomorrow on Garden The Easy Way. Until then, this is Ken & Marilou wishing you all Happy Gardening Always.