Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flower Bed ( How To Make Flower Bed and How To Plant Flower Seed )

              Good day to you all, and welcome back here today on Garden The Easy Way, this is Ken and Marilou.    

              Marilou and I would like to talk about " Flower Gardens ", they are so beautiful with lots of mix colors, shapes and sizes. When we see a flower garden two things come in most of our minds so beautiful and lots of work, the last part of the thought is wrong, making a flower bed is so easy, and growing flowers is easy too and so rewarding, you and your family get to see them everyday.        

              You can make your flower garden, just about any where you want too, and what ever size and shape you want. I ask Marilou  how she wanted me to make her flower bed, I ask her if she wanted me to make it  in a circle or a long square, she chose the long square flower bed.  

              Making flower bed are fun and quick and easy, but there something to keep in mind that is very important.  

1. What kind of  flowers you are planting, read on back side of your seed pack, and they will tell you if the flower seed you pick out will take full sun or shade area. They are lots of both to choose from, but if you plant in full sun you must have the full sun seeds or your flowers will die.    

2. You and your family decide where to make your flower garden, you must make sure the flower garden is out of your everyday living way, and you and your family decide, if you want a circle flower bed or a square flower bed, and decide how big you want it. You can make a flower garden along beside your house and it will be out of your everyday living way.  If you plant next to your house make sure your flowers get the morning sun, the morning sun  is so very important to any kind of flower garden or vegetable garden, the afternoon sun is hard on most gardens, the hot sun will dry out most of the moisture, that is why you must never let your soil go dry too long, your flowers or your plants will die, all living things must have water. When planting any kind of garden it is always better to make it a family affair, the whole family will enjoy it more, and you will be having good family quality time.

3. You can plant your flowers in ground, or in a raised garden flower bed, if you choose to plant in the ground, in the sun, pick the flower seeds that say to plant in ( Full Sun ) on the back of seed pack. If you are planting in the shade plant the seeds that ( Shady Area ).

4. After deciding on the right spot, work up the soil well. If you are making a big flower garden, it will be easier if you use a garden tiller to work up the soil, if you choose to plant a small flower garden, just use a pick and shovel to work up the soil well about 3 to 4 inches deep.

5. Your soil is very important, if your soil does not look dark and rich, you can add 2 to 3 inches of garden soil mix or 2 to 3 inches of compost, always mix it up well.  

6. After working your soil up well, pick up all the rocks, sticks, grass root. Take your garden rake and level the soil, make sure there is no dirt or soil clods.    

7. Now you are ready to sow your seeds. Use only your hand to sow your seeds, carefully scattering seeds all over your flower garden. After sowing all of your seeds, get a concrete trail, or a short 3 inches 2x4 block of wood and gently push the seeds just barely under the soil.  

8. After planting, water all of your flower garden, with a light mist of water so you will not uncover your flower seeds. Keep flower garden moist for 7-10 days so the seeds will sprout. Some bloom early and some bloom late 25 to 50 days.        

9. Never let your flower garden go dry too long, water 2 to 4 times, a week depending how hot and dry it is or if you are getting any rain. You can fertilize your flower if you like and they will do a lot better, you will have a lot more flowers and the colors will be a lot brighter. Flowers love Miracle-Gro, we use Miracle-Gro on our flowers, and Miracle-Gro has a feeder, you just screws it on your garden hose and start watering. It is so quick and easy to use.

10. We like to plant FERRY-MORSE Annual Cut Flower Mixture, they make it so easy for you, when you buy one pack of seeds you have so many beautiful mixed colors. You can cut fresh flowers out of your flower garden all summer long, to set in your home or give some away, to friends and family.

                                                                   ( ENJOY !)  

                Well that's it for today, we hope to talk here again tomorrow on Garden The Easy Way, until then this is Ken & Marilou wishing you all Happy Gardening Always.