Sunday, December 18, 2011

Peanuts ( How To Grow )

               Hello and welcome back here today on Garden The Easy Way, this is Ken and Marilou.      

                Today we would like to talk about Peanuts, as you all know they are so good eating  and very high in nutrition and very good for you and your family.  I can remember back over 55 years ago as a young boy how happy my little brother and I  where when it was time to harvest our peanuts, that we helped to plant in our garden, we had to wait all summer, and into late fall before, our Dad said " OK it's time to get the peanuts", I will never forget that.  Gardening is a hobby for a lot of people and fun for a lot of people too, but it's best when it is family doing it together, you and your family will have memories for the rest of your life, just like I do.  There are lots of ways to prepare peanuts, and some things you may not know, they are so easy to grow.  There are just a few important things you need to know about growing peanuts, and also we would like all of you to know that you don't need to buy seeds from a seed store because you can buy raw peanuts from your local grocer, if available.                              

1.  Never plant until all the danger of frost is gone and all cold weather has passed, the ground should be warm or your plant will not come up.                    

2.  Peanuts like sandy soil with lots of compost and manure.  Mix it up well, and it is best when you are making row, make your rows in mound that will give 2-big benefits to your peanuts plants.    
A.  Good drainage, peanuts must not set in water, they must have good drainage.    
B.  Plant 1 to 2 inches deep, Space seeds 6 to 7 inches apart, in rows 3-feet apart. ( Mound your row is better. )
C..  The peanut pods or pegs will grow from a large stem which bends down and pushes into the soil.  If the soil is too hard, add two inches of mulch and sand on top of the soil.  By putting your rows in a mound you will have a lot better harvest.                            

3.  Water often, sandy soil with manure dry out quickly, never let your soil dry completely out.  Try to keep your soil moist, you can put down two inches of mulch that will help keep it moist and it will help to keep the weeds out.                                

4.  Harvest peanuts after the first frost.  Pull the entire plant out, and allow the peanut to dry.  You can pull off the peanut shells, and roast them.  Save some of the raw peanuts for seeds for next year peanuts.        

              We hope you all will plant peanuts too because it will be so enjoyable for you and the whole family.  Wishing you all Good Gardening Always from Ken & Marilou.