Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pepper Mammoth Jalapeno Giant ( How To Grow )

                       Good day to you all and welcome back here today with Ken and Marilou on Garden The Easy Way.  
                       Today we would like to talk about hot peppers, there are so many different kinds and brands out there to choose from, it can be a difficult trying to pick out one kind of good hot pepper and the brand.

                       We hope to make it a little easier here for you today, I have planted a lot of different kinds of hot peppers and different brands over the years, and the one I like the best is Mammoth Jalapeno Giant Pepper.  The Mammoth Jalapeno is a good looking plant and has a lot of big dark green peppers, the peppers are beautiful peppers and very hot, if you like hot peppers, try this one.  The brand we use is (Bonnie) they have been here since 1918.  But just like any other plant there are some things you need to keep in mind when you are planting.      

                       1.  We recommend to plant (Bonnie) if you can.

                       2.  Make sure you have good rich soil, if your soil does not dark and rich, you can add some compost and some aged manure,add about 3 inches of compost and 3-inches of aged manure, mix well in the soil about 8 to 9 inches. Here is a money saving tip, if you go to your local farmer he will probably give you all you will need for ( Free ). Most farmers are very nice people and they are always willing to help other people, and the farmer is glad to get rid of the manure. The farmer near where we like will get his tractor out and he will load it for us,the farmer will put 3 scoops of aged manure in the back of our pick-up, and we will have a big load of the all natural organic fertilizer that money could buy for ( Free ),  Go see your local farmer, don't forget to ask for aged manure.

                       3.  Plant in full sun 6 to 8 hours a day.  
                       4.  Plant deep 1/2 of the plant under soil.  

                       5.  If planting in rows 18 inches apart.

                       6.  Water well often, never let your soil dry out.  Extra water when peppers are on plant.

                       7.  Fruit size: 1 inch x 4.5 inch

                       8.  Maturity: 72 to 75 days after planting.   

                       Well, we will get out of here for today, hope to talk back here tomorrow on Garden The Easy Way until then Good Gardening from Ken & Marilou.