Friday, December 2, 2011

Tomato Cherry Husky Hybrid ( How To Grow )

                     Hello!  We would like to thank you all for being back here today with us on Garden The Easy Way, this is Ken and Marilou.

                     Today we would like to talk about Cherry Tomato Plants.  As most of you know there are so many different kinds of Cherry Tomato Plants to choose from.  But we would like to share with you all, the one we like the best.  

                     Our pick is (Bonnie) Husky Cherry Red Hybrid Tomato Plant, the plant is full of Big Red cherry Tomatoes and they taste so good.  And you can use them in so many different ways such as salads, stir fry, pizza, soups, pot roast or just wash them and chill them in the refrigerator, and set them out on the dinner table.  You can also put them in freezer and save them to cook with at a later date.  There are so many ways to use the Husky Cherry Tomatoes and they are so delicious.  

                     When you plant there are some things to keep in mind.

                     1.  We plant (Bonnie) seed and plant company has been here since 1918, and they have a good name, but there is a lot of other seed and plant company out there that are just as good we feel, but the Bonnie brand is available where we shop.

                     2.  Make sure your soil is good and rich, and if your soil need help, we recommend to add compost and aged manure, about 3 inches of compost and about 3 inches of aged manure is the best. Always mix well when adding, and mix it down in to the soil about 8 to 9  inches deep. Here is another good tip, you can probably get your aged manure ( Free )  from your local farmer, most of the time they are happy to load it in the back of your pick-up truck with there tractor, because they are glad to get rid of it, and you now have the best organic natural fertilizer there is for ( Free ).

                     3.  Plant in full sun 6 to 8 hours.

                     4.  Always plant deep 2/3 of plant under soil.  

                     5.  If planting in rows 24 to 36 inches apart.

                     6.  Water extra well after planting, water often, never let your soil dry out completely.

                     7.  Add mulch to help hold in the moisture and by adding the mulch it will help to keep the weeds out of your garden. ( Add 3 inches of mulch is best )

                     8.  Fruit size: (1) inch  

                     9.  Maturity: 65 days after planting.  

                    Well I guess that is it for today, we hope that we have been some help here today on Garden The Easy Way.  Until tomorrow Good Gardening from Ken & Marilou.