Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Broccoli ( How To Grow )

               Hi!! welcome back here today on Garden The Easy Way, this is Ken and Marilou.  

               Today, we are going to be talking about a vegetable that most of us in our family love to eat, and it is very healthy for us to eat, and we will share with you how to plant it.    

               Our healthy vegetable for today is Broccoli, you probably thinking that broccoli would be too hard to grow, but that just would not be true, Broccoli is so easy to grow and like everything else fresh home grown will always taste a lot better, than store bought. We never know how long the store bought vegetables lay around before someone buys them, the longer they lay around the more flavor they loose and the tougher and dried out they get.  

               OK, lets all raise a garden, and have fresh vegetables, we all deserve to have fresh healthy vegetables to eat. Marilou and I will be glad to help you just watch our Garden The Easy Way blog daily if you can.  

                                                       ** How To Plant Broccoli **  

               Like we said it is so easy to plant and grow your very own Broccoli, but there are few important things to keep in mind.  

1. Broccoli, does not like hot weather over 85 to 90 degrees, so it is best to plant in the early spring, after all danger of frost and cold weather has passed.    

2. Broccoli like well drained soil, so work up your soil down to 12 inches with garden tiller or shovel.  

3. Broccoli does like rich soil, it is best to add 2 1/2 to 3 inches of compost and 2 1/2 to 3 inches of aged cow or horse manure, mix well after adding, mound up your rows, that will help your soil to drain out a little

4. Plant your broccoli seed about 1 inch deep and about 12 inches apart, water well after planting, be careful not to water too heavy, shower lightly so you will not uncover your seeds.  

5. Watch your broccoli, never let broccoli dry out, if broccoli dry out your broccoli will be tough and will go to seed, so keep the soil moist, do not over water. Cut your broccoli before the flower opens.  

                                                  ( Enjoy Your Broccoli ! )  

                Well that's it for today, we hope to talk here again tomorrow on Garden The Easy Way. Until then, this is Ken & Marilou wishing you all Happy Gardening Always.