Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Apricot Trees ( How To Grow )

                  Hello and welcome back here today on Garden The Easy Way, this is Ken and Marilou.  

                  Today we will share with you, how to plant Apricot Trees. Apricots are a very delicious fruit, I just love eating fresh Apricots, and I think most anyone out there would love eating them too, but there is nothing like having your very own Garden Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. The taste is 10 times better than store bought, just try it and you  too will say " wow so delicious".  

                 We have some more good news, Apricot trees are easy to grow, they are just like most fruit trees, they like full sun. We like the Goldcot Apricot Tree, the best sweet golden fruit by mid July. Great for fresh eating and great for canning.  

                  Planting an apricot tree will provide you with fresh fruit for years to come. Apricot trees come in self-pollinating varieties and in varieties that require another tree for pollination. If you choose a variety that requires another tree for pollination, plant them close to each other. Apricot trees generally produce fruit by the third season after planting; trees that are dwarf varieties will produce less fruit than standard sized trees. Select your apricot tree size to fit your planting site.    

Things You'll Need  

* Spade
* Compost
* Stakes
* Twine  


1. Select your planting site. Apricot trees require full sun. Northern climates can be challenging growing environments for apricot trees because a late spring frost date can kill the blossoms and therefore keep the tree from producing fruit for that season. Planting the apricot tree in a sheltered spot on the northern side of a wall or home will slow the rate the tree warms in the spring and may keep it from blossoming too soon. Well-drained soil is important to prevent root rot.

2. Time your planting to coincide with early spring. Purchase an apricot tree that is still dormant, meaning no leaves have emerged yet on the branches. A younger tree with bare roots is ideal.  

3. Dig a hole deep enough and wide enough to accommodate the largest roots of the apricot tree. There should be adequate room to spread out the tree roots without crowding them.  

4. Make a small mound of dirt in the center of the hole and place the tree on the mound, then gently extend the roots out away from the center of the hole.  

5. Layer in the original soil with compost as you fill the hole. The compost will provide extra nutrients to your growing tree.

6. If your tree is young and your planting site is prone to wind, you may need to stake your tree. Use two or three strong stakes placed in the ground outside of the circle you dug for planting so as not to disturb the roots. use twine to tie the trunk of the apricot tree to the supporting stakes.  

Tips & Warnings:

* Standard apricot trees should be planted 25 feet apart; dwarf varieties should be planted 10-12 feet apart.  

* Diseases and insects native to your location could harm your apricot tree; contact a local arborist or gardening expert for advice specific to your region.  

                   Well that's it for today, we hope to talk here again on Garden The Easy Way. Until then, this is Ken & Marilou wishing you all Happy Gardening Always.