Friday, October 5, 2012

Garden Harvesting In The Fall 2012

                   Welcome back here today on Garden The Easy Way, this is Ken and Marilou Elliott. Today we would like to talk about your fall harvest in your garden, the first garden vegetable we are going to talk about is the Butternut Squash.  Butternut Squash is called a winter squash, and they are so delicious, and can be prepared in many different ways. Butternut Squash is very healthy for us to eat, and high in fiber. Like I said before in our garden blog, not only are the vegetables good for us, when you raise your own garden you will save a lot of money for you and your family.

                    OK, how you can tell when it is time to harvest your Butternut Squash, it is when the vine start changing colors from the pretty bright green you seen all summer long to a brown color. You will need to wait until the vine look like it has died to get all that good flavor of the butternut squash. Make sure to cut the vine 1 1/2 to 2 inches from the  butternut squash, and then your butternut squash will last all winter long. Just store your butternut squash in a cool dry place, not too hot or too cold about 50 to 70 degrees is best or room temperature will be fine.

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                     Some more good news, my wife Marilou is going to share with you, one of our favorite ways to prepare Butternut Squash, it is so delicious, you going to love it.

                     Well, that is it for today on Garden The Easy Way. Until next time, this is Ken and Marilou wishing you Happy Gardening Always !