Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fresh Garden Vegetables

              Good day to you all, and welcome back here today on Garden The Easy Way.  

              So very hot here today we had over 20 days in a row with high heat from 99 to 103, we are 10 inches down from rain fall, we have been in a severe drought. I feel so bad for all our farmers, so many of them have to sell their cattle because they are not getting any rain on the pasture so the grass can grow for the cattle to eat, so many farmer have to sell their cattle because the hay is so high cost to buy. So please join us in a prayer for rain, to help save the farmer. ( When the farmer hurts we all will on down the line later.)

              We can help you save your garden from dying too early, just look at our garden blog pictures and you will see what we are doing to save our delicious garden vegetables. We just added some new pictures today Sunday July-22-12. When the temperature get over 90 degrees water well, ( Water 1-hour after sun down. )

              Well that's it for today here on Garden The Easy Way. This is Ken and Marilou, wishing you all Happy Gardening Always !

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Garden The Easy Way ( New Garden Pictures )

                Hello welcome back here today on Garden The Easy Way, this is Ken and Marilou.      

                 Today we took a few more pictures of our garden to share in our Garden The Easy Way blog and to share with our friends on facebook. To see our garden pictures click here-->  If you would like to be friends with us on Facebook just send a friends request to Ken Elliott Rogersville, Missouri USA.         

                 This year Marilou and I decided we would share our pictures of our garden as it grow from month to month, WOW ! even we were a little amaze what a very big difference 3-4 weeks make in the growing of a garden. There is nothing in this world that taste as good as your very own fresh garden vegetables, they are so delicious, so much better than store bought. When you buy from a store the fruit and vegetables are picked green or too early, with your garden you do not pick early, you wait until it is ready. Tomatoes should be picked when they are dark red not green and shipped in.        

                We also have a lot of garden information on how to make a vegetable garden and how to make a flower garden, and how to grow beautiful roses. Marilou and I share with you in our Garden The Easy Way blog some very delicious home recipes, we would like to say a big Thank You out to Mr. Paul Schneider of St. Louis, Mo. Mr. Schneider said he loved our Home Made Blackberry Pie Recipe.    

                Well, that is it here for today on Garden The Easy Way, until next time this is Ken and Marilou, wishing you all Happy Gardening Always.